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.....A Little History:

Since 1964, Houston Auto Auction has been selling vehicles, large commercial trucks, and heavy equipment for corporations, leasing companies, banks, credit unions, municipalities, and other Government agencies.

Houston Auto Auction specializes in fleet remarketing for these entities, and offers the personal service, that they cannot get from the large chain auctions.



..... The Future:

HAA constantly strives to be on the cutting edge of the Auction world, providing auction types that benefit both the seller, and the buyer. We feature a real-time, globally accessible simulcast with no delay, powered by AWG that allows you to purchase vehicles and rep your own vehicles that you sell through us, from the comfort of your own office, or any place with a high speed internet connection. We use only HD cameras in our lanes ensuring that you get the clearest, and best picture of vehicles passing through our lanes as possible. HAA's simulcast is accessible on your smart phone with a minimum 3G network, and as technology advances and mobile devices and networks such as the 4G network become more powerful, you will soon be able to access our simulcast on other mobile devices that are not yet capable of the streaming media of this magnitude, such as iPads, Android tablets, and other mobile devices, that are not quite powerful enough to handle it at this time. The future of the auction industry is exciting, and we strive to be on the frontline of these changes.

Our Dealer-Only Sale is held every Tuesday at 1:30 p.m., and features vehicles from many sources, including Fleet/Lease companies such as ARI, and Element, municipality and government clients, credit unions and banks, as well as international Dealers.

Our heavy equipment sale is held every Tuesday at 1 p.m., and is simulcast accessible for qualified buyers and sellers.

Be sure to check the homepage weekly, for updates and announcements for special sales, and auction hours.