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Next GSA Sale  July 11th at 11:00am / Heavy Truck & Equipment Auction every Tuesday @ 1p.m. Public bidders must register with // Dealer Only Auctions every Tuesday @ 1:30 pm with D & D starting @ 2p.m. Simulcast bidders please register with //

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Additional information is available on GSA's web site at:
GSA sale information for Public individuals and businesses can be found at:

Download and read GSA's Sale Terms & Conditions.  All winning bidders should check their vehicle manufacturers web site for possible recalls.  Effective June 30, 2012, GSA restricts individual credit and debit card purchases to $24,999.99 per sale.  Any credit or debit card transactions that exceeds this limit will be rejected.

Download GSA's Registration Form  GSA Form.
This form must be done EACH MONTH.



Auction Schedule
GSA Sale

August 8th @ 11:00AM

Dealer-Only Auction Tuesdays @ 1:30PM
Damaged & Disabled Auction

Tuesdays @ 2:00PM

Heavy Truck & Equipment Auction

    Tuesdays @ 1PM

Light Duty/Reg Vehicle Public Auction

August 10th @ 2PM

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How to register with HAA's Web Site HAA's registration guide. (PDF)
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